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Shoes Fit for the Golf Course

If you're looking for high-performance cleated golf shoes, you've come to the right place. Barefoot B.E.R.B.S. of Clearwater, Florida, offers the first barefoot cleated golf shoe perfect for your next game. Offering a discounted golf shoe at an irresistible price of $89.

Advantages and Features

We design our shoes based on the following elements:

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Better: Everyone is looking for ways to become better. Let your feet lead you to better scores!

Energy: Wearing light golf shoes helps you conserve more energy, so you can walk 5-8 miles comfortably when playing 18 holes.

Recovery: Walking across the golf course can get tiring. Good golf shoes help you recover faster, allowing you to play 18-36 holes better and even come back for more.

Balance: Golf swings entail a lot of movement. When you wear our golf shoes, you're closer to the ground, so you can balance yourself better and enhance your technique.

Stability: This is the second most important of the five. If your shoes force you to move around as you're swinging, you will learn bad mechanics and technique. Excellent stability is equal to better scores.

Black Bear Shoe

Black Bear for Men & Women

Black Bear golf shoes feature all-black, water-resistant uppers. They also come with a zero-drop outsole and a unique five-cleat design. Each pair has a black saddle over a black upper, black stitching, and a matching black toe and black outsole.

Kodiak Bear Shoe

Kodiak Bear for Men

Men's Kodiak Bear golf shoes have black-and-white water-resistant uppers with zero-drop outsoles, and a one-of-a-kind five-cleat design. They feature black saddles over black uppers, white stitching, white toes, and black outsoles.

Panda Bear Shoe

Men's Polar Bear &
Women's Panda Bear

Polar Bear golf shoes have black-and-white water-resistant uppers, zero-drop outsoles, and a five-cleat design. They have white saddles over black uppers, black stitching, white toes, and black outsoles.

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear for Women

Women's Teddy Bear golf shoes have pink-and-white water-resistant uppers. They have zero-drop outsoles as well and a five-cleat design. Each pair has a white saddle over a pink upper, white stitching, a white toe, and a black outsole.